Neo-thermoman radio aktives anti-inflammatory arthritis medicine

Here is an interesting thing I found in my attic. A radio-active anti-inflammatory arthritis medicine sold in bulk! Just mix with hot water and stick it on anything that hurts overnight!

Radium content (2.8 10⁻¹⁰ g Ra)/g. So this package contains about 0.000000224g of Radium. Pretty sure that's not enough to kill you, but I'm still not sure if I can return it to the pharmacy for safe disposal ;)

And I was laughing to myself how the attic is a "work area with unsafe chemicals, don't drink, don't eat, don't smoke"!

On a more serious note. Here is a wikipedia article on radium treatments. Here is the article on radioactive quackery. Finally, I'll link to the article on Radium Girls. The same evil families which killed those women are still rich today. I hope that will help convince you that radical redistribution of wealth in America is a morally justified act.

Here is a quote from the article (This seems to be confirmed in chapter 6 of the book "The Radium Girls by Kate Moore" ):

"At the urging of the companies, worker deaths were attributed by medical professionals to other causes; syphilis, a notorious sexually transmitted disease at the time, was often cited in attempts to smear the reputations of the women."

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