Push to Talk: editable speech

The Push to Talk desktop application allows you to edit and work with audio in a similar fashion to the way you work with text. A push to talk audio essay can be navigated using the arrow keys on your keyboard and individual sentences can be moved around, deleted, and re-recorded without the time consuming processes typically employed when editing voice audio content. The application also allows you to easily publish your content to the web just as has been done with this system.

You can install Push to Talk on debian linux using the commands:

$ su

# apt-get install python3-pip python3-pyqt5 sox

# apt-get install libsox-fmt-pulse # If you use pulseaudio

# pip3 install ptt

And, for web publishing support, installing ipfs as well.

The sourcecode is licensed under the AGPLv3+ license, and can be downloaded here.

Clone with

$ git clone http://git.hobbs.cz/clone/ptt

Use the Up/Down arrow keys to move through the story.
If you want to play a track again press the Enter key.

This story was created using the Push to Talk audio editor. To find out more, or to share your own stories, please visit the push to talk website.