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hashed-permutation review ipynb cargo 9.2019

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Anal probes are fine if you’ve got nothing to hide: warning NSFL

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Videos by Nina Paley.

Music and artwork that I like

I like music that either has no words or does not have words that I understand. I like post-modern music and artwork which remixes and recombines diverse influences.

Music is one of the reasons why I would like to see copyright law reformed. It is either expensive or illegal to remix music and publish it on the internet. I love mixes and mixes are typically illegal. I would love to find a way to be able to support artists while still allowing remixing. Perhaps standardized, mandatory audiovisual licensing would help.

I like this quote from Aaron Funk, the guy behind Venitian Snares:

The way I look at it all, digital music is like busking, you know, playing your instrument on a street corner or in the subway. Everyone can hear it, it’s just there to be heard. Now if they like it and want to support it, they can put some money in that person’s hat. That’s all it is really, if you like someone’s music and you’d like them to be able to eat and continue creating it, you buy some of it. It’s that simple! Long gone are the days of having to pay for music in order to hear it, it is a choice. - From an interview


timothy <fishroll> hobbs.cz

In Czech, the @ symbol is referred to as a fish roll due to the similar appearance.

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